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Terms & Conditions

Gwen Wilson trading as Blossom Cleaning Company (the “Business”) will conduct business solely upon the following Terms & Conditions.


The Business agrees to provide a general cleaning and/or ironing service.


The Price of the Service provided to the Customer by the Business shall be based upon the current Price Tariff. Notification of any price increase shall be in writing to the customer at least 4 (four) weeks prior to the increase taking effect.


Cheques to be made payable to Gwen Wilson.

Unless previously agreed all fees are payable on the day that the work is completed.


The Customer agrees to provide 24 hours Notice of Cancellation of any booked service and to accept billing for Services booked should such Notice not be given.

The Customer will give 1 (one) weeks Notice of Termination of a regular service.

Terms and Conditions

Blossom Cleaning Company
Domestic cleaner, contract cleaners, ironing, and housekeeping
in Edinburgh or West Lothian.